Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Visit To Murchie's Tea New Store Front, Classic Canadian Tea Company Since 1894

Karen here and the new Murchie's tea store recently opened in the mall near my home. I have been a customer of Murchie's for years. While I am not a coffee drinker, if I was to start to drink coffee it would be Murchie's. Theirs smells heavenly and is a blend we often by for special occasions and Christmas it is a must. I do however often drink their tea. Murchie's Tea has been in business in Canada since 1894. Their blends are known world wide. The Murchie's afternoon blend is a favorite of mine and used to be the tea of choice at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, it was called Empress Afternoon Blend, that was however before it changed ownership.  I popped in to see the new store and refill some of my favorite blends.
As I write this post I am enjoying the Lavender Black Tea Blend. This is a calming blend of black tea lavender and a hint of bergamot. Truly delightful and pairs nicely with sables, of which I just ate two.
This tea is perfectly balanced despite not having a lot of lavender blooms, it is very well rounded and a lovely afternoon tea.
 While in store I tried the Sugar Maple tea iced. It was really different, it had all the flavors of a black iced tea with a hint of maple sugar, almost as if I was sipping tea and indulging in Maple Fudge. I am kicking myself for not picking some up now that I am home. Next trip in this one I need to grab for sure!
Murchie's caters to every taste. I am so thrilled with the options for both loose leaf and their bagged and boxed teas. These make shipping so much easier and sampling very fun. I picked up a box of Golden Jubilee teas as well, it is such a nice blend of Darjeeling, Keemun and Ceylon tea that was originally blended for her silver Jubilee in 1977!  There was so many to choose from and I love going into this store.
If you find your way here to the West Coast of Canada I encourage you to step into one of the Murchie's Stores on your trip. If you are an armchair traveler I invite you to shop on line at
I would love to have you over for tea daily at 

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