Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello August! Goodbye to my tea explorations...

Summer is beating us over the head with heat, at least here in the Finger Lakes Region of western New York state, and with August comes the true dog days of summer, and for me, a return to the college classroom.  Back in March when my friend Kathleen Kaminski asked me if I was interested in contributing to this blog, I thought it would be a fun weekly challenge.  It has been...sometimes...but other times it has simply been a challenge.

I have gained quite a bit from the experience.  I have tried several different brands of tea and discovered companies whose teas I enjoy immensely.  I also savor my teas more and think about what I like or dislike about the taste.  But I have also discovered that while I love tea and love writing, I do not love writing about tea.

So thank you for reading my thoughts on and evaluations of tea.  I will continue to read the contributions of others.  If you are interested in books, I invite you to check out my blog To Thine Own Self Be True, on which I intend to focus more of my time and writing.

Enjoy your explorations in the world of tea.

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