Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cooking with Tea

I first heard about cooking with tea from Chef Ming Tsai. I remember being intrigued by the recipes, although I never made them. Now cooking with tea is all the rage from using matcha in smoothies and ice cream to tea brining your fried chicken!

I guess 7 is a lucky number. The Bon Appetit Test Kitchen offers an article on how to cook with tea in its article 7 Unexpected Ways to Cook With Tea from Pasta to Pudding. Meanwhile Serious Eats offers 7 Ways to Cook With Tea Leaves. Doing some searching I may have found that long ago tea recipe from Ming Tsai: Tea Braised Hanger Steak with Root Vegetables.

Personally I'd like to try the Smoked Tea Duck recipe from Sunset Magazine.

What about you? Have you ever cooked with tea? Feel free to share your recipes.

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