Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Afternoon Pick Me Up With Pukka Gorgeous Earl Grey

September is a week old and the rain has returned here to the wet west coast making for perfect tea and reading weather for me. My neighbor and her son stopped over and brought me tea on September 2nd and today I am sharing my review of Pukka Gorgeous Earl Grey Tea.
This fairtrade tea is new to me and it was such a delight to dive into!
The packaging and the name of this tea do it justice. First few sips I was impressed with the clean and almost velvety taste of Earl Grey. It is delicate and only a hint of equally balanced flavors of the Dunsandle and Darjelling black teas.

Cup after cup of this delicious tea was a delight and the perfect lift in my afternoon spirits. Learn more about the Pukka Brand and their Gorgeous Earl Grey by clicking here. I will be tucking a few bags of this tea in to my tea wallet and taking them with me where ever I go, that way I am never with out a truly perfect tea.
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  1. I love Earl Grey tea, but some are very strong with the bergamot. I have found the Lady Grey blends are 'just right.'

  2. I enjoyed your review of the new tea, Karen! I also carry my favorite tea with me when I travel. I love your teapot and tea candles.