Wednesday, September 21, 2016

For Tea's Sake Teas

Karen here and this weekend I was in my local Halmark Card Store and found a display of loose leaf teas called For Teas Sake. This line of loose leaf teas was priced around $10 Canadian and had quite a large selection. I was very pleased when I was given a sample to take home and try from their line. I chose the Classic Black Shades of Earl Grey.
I was very excited to not only see the teas with their eye catching tins but to smell the testers as well.
I loved the names and two of my favorites were the afternoon escape which was a black tea with hints of black berrry. The let's get cozy tea is also on my list! This black tea contains cinnamon, orange, lemon balm, lime leaves, star anise and cardamom.
Getting back to the Shades of Earl Grey Black tea I sampled, this was a very clean tasting and not a citrus flavored Earl Grey. It was a full flavored black tea with out a strong bergmot after taste. I think this tea is priced competitively and I like that I can find it locally at my Halmark Store, you can also find it on line by clicking here.
I would love to have you over for tea daily at

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