Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Tea Exploration with Davids Teas

Now that I'm more "into" teas, I love looking at new tea types and eagerly buy more and different varieties. While I buy a lot of fine tea, pure camellia sinensis from tea estates, I also enjoy fun flavoured teas and tisanes. I truly believe you can love it all!

While looking through my timeline on Facebook I saw an ad for Davids Teas. Yes, Big Brother knows I'm a tea lover. If you read this blog, you know that Karen is a huge fan of Davids Teas, which is local to her, and has written several reviews. So I clicked on the link and was brought to their Honeycrisp Apple tea. The temperatures here are just starting to cool and I'm so looking forward to autumn, my favorite time of year.

From their website:

"Is there any activity more whole heartedly autumnal than apple picking? Not that we can think of. And when it comes to apples, the Honeycrisp is king. Juicy, sweet and full of flavour, it’s a fall treat we look forward to every year. And this refreshing, fruit-packed tea is just like biting into a fresh Honeycrisp straight off the tree. Whether you drink it straight up or spike it with a splash of bourbon, it’s the perfect way to bring the orchard home. Oh honey!"

OK, they had me at "spike it with a splash of bourbon"!

While Davids is a Canadian tea company, they do ship to all of North America, so I'm in luck. And, to get free shipping I plan on ordering more than just the Honeycrisp Apple. Perhaps some Pom Cider, keeping with that fall apple theme. I love grapes...and it is harvest time, so maybe some Grape Freeze. Or perhaps English Toffee...made with Pu'eh? That will probably make it in the basket. A more traditional tea, for me at any rate is the Wild Black Yunnan, no funky flavours here. And how could I possibly not try their Lapsang Souchong Star?

Do you order teas online? Have you tried Davids Teas? Are you adventurous when it comes to teas, or are you a purist?

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