Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gong Fu Cha - The How

So far I've shared a little about gong fu cha, describing some skills involved and the tea set itself, but I haven't explained how to practice. Everything I've tried to write seems so complex and convoluted. So I called upon my friend Niraj for help. He's the man who introduced me to gong fu cha, so who better to help explain the process. What's better, he has a video so that you can watch making it easier to understand than reading my description.

Instead of using a gaiwan, Niraj steeps his tea using a Yixing tea pot in this video. Perhaps one day we'll work on a video showing a gaiwan!

Niraj usually posts here on the fourth Tuesday of the month so be sure to read his posts. He's moving his tea studio, so was unable to post this month, but happily helped me out today.

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