Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Month To Me! A Pretty Vintage Tea Cup and Connemara Tea

Karen here. It is my birthday month. In a few weeks I will be 41. Last year My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and what I really wanted was to know where I came from. My mother was adopted at age 5, in the French speaking part of Canada where I am from, and where not only are adoption records difficult to have unsealed but getting information when your mother has passed away is even more daunting, as a family we searched for years to help my mother solve her own adoption mystery to no avail, she passed away before this type of testing as available and affordable.  I had heard many things about DNA testing and went with a company called 23 & Me. You may be wondering what the heck this has to do with tea but you need the back story to understand just how important to me this information has been on my tea journey. Longish story short (You can read the full story on my blog by clicking here) This is the first birthday I will celebrate with the knowledge that I am of Irish heritage!  On my table and in my cup I now proudly have a cup or two of Irish Breakfast Tea in a nod to those who came before me, so that I could be here today, it is a connection to my past and future.
  Fast forward to now and upon my table this week my sister in law gave me an early birthday gift. This beautiful fluted edge Shamrock Salisbury Fine Bone China Tea Cup. I have wanted an Irish themed tea cup and saucer set ever since I found out I was Irish. She bought this one for me at an auction and I could not love it more!
In my cup this morning is The Connemara Kitchen Irish Breakfast Tea that was sent to me by a friend in Ireland, whom I can not thank enough for introducing me to this lovely tea. It is rich, creamy and slightly malty tea which I do take black. It is truly a delight to have on my table and in my cup.
My sister in law shared the following quote from C. E. Murphy on her Tanglewood Tea Shop Instagram this week:

“In Ireland, you go to someone's house, and she asks you if you want a cup of tea. You say no, thank you, you're really just fine. She asks if you're sure. You say of course you're sure, really, you don't need a thing. Except they pronounce it ting. You don't need a ting. Well, she says then, I was going to get myself some anyway, so it would be no trouble. Ah, you say, well, if you were going to get yourself some, I wouldn't mind a spot of tea, at that, so long as it's no trouble and I can give you a hand in the kitchen. Then you go through the whole thing all over again until you both end up in the kitchen drinking tea and chatting. In America, someone asks you if you want a cup of tea, you say no, and then you don't get any damned tea.I liked the Irish way better.” ― C.E. MurphyUrban Shaman