Monday, April 25, 2016

Thinking like an English teacher?

While pondering my entry for this week, my thoughts went from when did I first try tea to why I drink tea at home far more often than coffee.  And here lies the irony.  Traditionally, drinking tea has a certain formality.  Whether in Japan or England, drinking tea is often part of a ritual.  It is not required, but we are aware of the formality surrounding tea.  However, I have only been to a formal high tea once.

For me, the joy of tea is in the anticipation that comes in the few minutes it takes to prepare.  The minute the water boils, I pour it over the tea bag in a mug.  A good strong black tea doesn't need five minutes of steeping: two or three minutes is long enough.  Making a pot of coffee takes longer.

And there you have love of tea is certainly influenced by how quickly my impatient, sometimes desperate, self is satisfied.  I want that cup of tea, and I want it now!

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