Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tea and Reflexology

Karen here. I was not a tea drinker before 2009. I enjoyed my first cup of tea a green Jasmine tea while at a reflexology appointment and only drank it at the insistence of  my reflexology practitioner. I actually left that appointment went straight to the tea shop, bought a tea pot and some loose leaf Jasmine Tea, thus beginning my foray into the tea world.
Fast forward to 2016 and my appointment last Friday night. I treated myself to an hour long session which is a true indulgence and the effects I am still happily feeling today.

As I was letting my mind wander through the treatment I wondered why  I am always served tea at my appointment so I though I would ask and share that information with you. I honestly thought it was just my practitioner being hospitable, but with all the health wonders associated with green tea I wondered...

  "Chinese reflexology is a traditional Chinese form of medicine, which has been used for many centuries in China. Reflexology itself is a massage technique that focuses on the pressure points in the feet and hands. The Chinese and many others believe that by stimulating different points in the feet you can stimulate different parts of the body. The benefits of reflexology are improved circulation and a strengthened immune system.
I find that when I sip the tea during my treatment I feel revitalized and as if I could run a marathon after treatment! When I asked my practitioner why they served Jasmine tea at our sessions he said it was "to improve circulation and encourage toxins to leave the body", 
Today I made myself a pot of Jasmine Tea With Flowers from The Granville Island Tea Company, this particular version of Jasmine tea is much more floral (hence the name) then the blend that my practitioner uses. I love adding a green tea to my daily tea routine  especially now that spring has arrived, There is a clean and crisp feeling I find with Jasmine Tea that makes me feel warm and refreshed just like spring it's self. 
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