Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review - Chakra Balance Tea

Since I developed the idea for this blog I've become more aware of tea and all the ways it makes its appearance. Every time I go to a store I check to see if there's a tea section. If there is, there's a good chance I'll be coming out with something. Such was the case last week. A friend recommended an online shop for oils, Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary. While perusing some interesting blends I saw that the woman made teas too. Well, tisanes, really-no Camellia sinensis here. There were many interesting names that tempted me, but looking at the ingredients I was a bit concerned if I'd actually like any. I generally don't care for floral teas, and most of the blends sounded decidedly floral and sweet. Still, I was getting two oils so decided upon a tea as well. I went with the least floral one which happened to be Chakra Balance Tea.

As I said, Chakra Balance Tea is actually a tisane, an infusion of herbs and spices. The packaging is utterly delightful; a resealable insulated bag with a gorgeous illustration, and the cherry on top was the wax seal! So what's in it? Chakra Balance Blend consists of calendula, gotu kola, lavender, ginko, red clover, dandelion root, nettle leaf, meadowsweet, chamomile and stevia.

When I opened the bag I could see the various leaves and blossoms. The aroma was grass and floral. After steeping I admit, it looked like lawn clippings!

LIQUID: The liquid is a lovely yellow with a slight greenish tinge. The aroma is floral and musty, yet pleasant. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It had a buttery feel at first, but finished clean. It was very lightly floral in taste and I got the flavor of mint. It was slightly malty. It was naturally sweet, but not overly so.

ICED: This tisane was just as lovely iced. It was refreshing and hit basically the same notes as well I drank it hot.

I was worried I'd find this blend too floral and sweet, but it was definitely not the case. I really enjoyed it. So, what exactly are chakras? Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or disc. In a simplistic nutshell, the body has seven energy centers along the spine, running from head to toe. Each center, or chakra, correlates to different levels of consciousness, body function, color, and more. When chakras are blocked or out of alignment, energy flow is interupted and illness or other problems may occur.I don't know if my chakras were out of wack, and I don't know if this tea got them back in line. But, I found Chakra Balance Tea by Moon Goddess Magickal Apothecary to be a delightful beverage.

Be sure to check out the Etsy store Moon Goddess Magickal Apothecary to check out this and other tisanes.

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