Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Because UR Priceless Tea Sampler An Etsy Tea Shop Review

Karen here and I recently ordered a sampler pack of tea from an Etsy shop in Lake Orion, Michigan called Because UR Priceless. This Etsy shop jumped out at me when I was actually looking for something else and I am so thrilled I found it.
This tea arrived beautifully packaged and in about a week, as I live in Canada this is not a bad turn around. I was delighted to see the different teas and loved the labels!
As I was taste testing I made only one cup of the Raspberry Lemonade, which is an  all organic green tea base with raspberry, hibiscus, lemon peel, spearmint and licorice root. The color was amazing, take a look at the first photo in the post, it was a deep rich red! This green tea was very fresh tasting, with grassy notes and the scent of late August. I do believe this would make a lovely iced tea, and enhancing it's flavor by adding Lemonade would make it even better.
I was very impress with the Timey Whimey... Tea
It was everything I hoped for, as a black Earl Grey tea it truly hit the spot and the scent from the organic orange peel enhanced the experience.
A beautiful amber color was produced and I got to use my special Doctor Who Inspired Fine China Tea Cup and Saucer I had made! It was a truly delightful experience. (I ordered my tea cup from LithiasCreations Etsy shop)
The  third tea I wish to share a review with you today is a herbal Lavender and Mint Tisane,
This one is an organic Peppermint and Organic Lavender Flower Tea.
This particular Lavender and Mint tisane is divine! It is exactly the taste I was looking for, it is both refreshing and relaxing. Would be as amazing iced as it is hot and one I highly recommend. When I place my next order I will order the large tin of this one and the Timey Whimey! If you would like to learn more about BecauseURpricless teas and tisane's please visit their Etsy shop by clicking here and let them I know I sent you! 
I really appreciate it when tea shops have sample sized selections of their teas for tea lovers to try, these make great gifts, shower presents and individual tea time treats for yourself.

Thank you for joining me today! I would love to have you for tea daily over at 

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