Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tea Leaf Reading Resourses For Your Tea Time Pleasure!

Karen here and today I wanted to share a few books I purchased in the last year on Tea Leaf reading from The Book Depository. A friend of mine who has since passed away encouraged me to learn about Tea Leaf Reading. She was right adding this skill to my tea time repertoire would be fun and informitive. Tea Leaf reading has a rich history and is something that is still intriguing today.

Growing up I ways fascinated with Witches (thanks to the tv show Bewitched) and Tea Leaf readings are often associated with Witchcraft. has a wonderful page devoted to tea leaf history and meanings behind the patterns left behind in your tea cup. Click here to see that page. 

I bought Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners by Caroline Dow and it is a very good resource book. Caroline offers the readers a course in reading and understanding the history as well as the messages that await you in each cup.  The Book Depository is one I use because there is never any shipping fees no matter the cost of your books! This one is currently offered on sale at $13.01 US, click here to learn more about Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners

At 144 tiny but packed pages of tea leaf reading information this pint sized guide makes for an excellent study and read.
If you are looking to do a little research of your own or share with your friends and wow them at your next tea party these are two books I can highly recommend.  
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