Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Watermelon Lime Zinger Iced Tea My Absolute Summer Favorite

Karen here, do your tea drinking habits change in the spring and summer? For me I still drink my hot tea in the morning and afternoon however through out the day in the summer my thoughts turn to iced teas, black, green, herbal etc really top my list of summer beverages. One in particular I brought back from Boulder Colorado last year. I had been on the Celestial Seasoning Tour in August. It was so hot and the tea tasting room had anything you could possibly want to try from their line of teas, My most favorite was the Watermelon Lime Zinger Tea. I was amazed that the iced tea I was drinking was herbal and I liked it! Normally I prefer a black tea for an iced tea but this one opened my eyes to a whole new world of well rounded sweetened iced teas.

I brought back 6 boxes and wished I had brought back at least twice that, my own stores here in Canada do not sell it and I am going to need to make a run for the border to restock soon!
To make one jug of the tea, I simply boil the hot water, and in a Pyrex liquid measuring cup place 4 bags of the tea, I pour 2 cups of  the boiling water over the bags and let them steep and cool. Next I measure out the sugar, I only put 1/4 cup in my jug then I add water until the jug is half full. I stir the sugar in making a very simple un-cooked syrup. Once the tea is cool I add it to the jug, top with more water and then stir and chill.

It is truly a delight to have in the fridge and is very inexpensive to make. My youngest son and I love it, it is full flavored, slightly sweet and a beautiful red color. Learn more about this tea and where to find it on the Celestial Seasonings Website by clicking here.
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