Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review - Brewla's The Lifeguard

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the United States. It's a time we remember those who have given their lives for our country while serving in the military. It's also the semi-official start of summer. Here in Western New York we're looking at very high temperatures and high humidity, with a chance of scattered thundershowers. In order to try to beat the heat I picked up a new treat, made with tea!

I was browsing in my local health food store when a package caught my eye - Brewla! I stopped, captivated by the name and the gorgeous photo of a red popsicle on the box. But this was not just any red popsicle. It was a Strawberry and Hibiscus Tea specialty brewed bar! I also saw a Cherry Pomegranate and Red Tea option, but I bought the strawberry, which had fewer calories, plus I love strawberries.

OK, anyone who has been reading my posts for a while knows that this tea is not actually a tea, but rather a hibiscus tisane.  When I opened my wrapper I noticed the lovely color as well as a lovely strawberry aroma. I quickly took a few pictures, but couldn't help myself and had a lick part way through. It was absolutely delicious!!!!

The main flavor is strawberry. Not a fake strawberry either, but more like a wild one, or the ones that grow here in WNY during our short strawberry season. I was concerned that it might be too floral for my taste-it is a hibiscus tisane, after all, but that was not the case at all. It had only slight floral notes and it wasn't sweet at all. I do recommend licking it, instead of biting, however. When you bite it the frozen bar becomes more icy and you lose the delightful flavors.

The Brewla Strawberry and Hibiscus Tea, also known as "The Lifeguard", has only 20 calories and is boosted with Vitamin C and zinc. It is caffeine free and there is no added sugar (they do have stevia leaf extract). This particular bar is also gluten free, vegan, and kosher!

I am absolutely delighted by this impulse buy. I'll be trying the other varieties as well. I didn't see all of them offered at my store-but I'll be looking for them. I'd really like to try The Lullaby: Peach Ginger with White Tea boosted with Chamomile and L-Theanine. You can check out more about this brother and sister company at their website, If you can't find them near you, never fear, you can order the bars online!

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  1. Those look good! I wonder if they sell them in Canada!