Monday, May 23, 2016

Plain Old Red Rose...

It's time for me to write my weekly contribution, and no inspiration is influencing the thought process.  I read over what the other tea lovers have shared and wish I could call in sick.

With my faithful cup of Red Rose within reach, a thought jumps out.  Is it wrong to pay homage to my beloved Red Rose Black Tea?  The humble Red Rose Tea, 100 bags to a box, one tiny porcelain trinket, and hours of pleasurable sipping for me.  It starts out piping hot, but if I get distracted, sometimes it is cold by the time I finish it off.  Doesn't bother me one little bit.  I love it hot, cold and inbetween.  I love it iced.  When hot I prefer a splash of non fat milk.  Aside from water, it is the most satisfying drink anyone can offer to me.  Yes, I drink coffee and love it.  But Red Rose is my drink of choice.  I usually make it in a 10-12 ounce mug.  Tea pots and cups are a waste of time for me.  On a typical day at home, I probably drink 8-10 mugs of tea.

I will continue to play along and try new teas.  Occasionally I find one that I enjoy.  Lately I have been trying to stick with an herbal tea past 11:00 PM.  But tonight it is closer to midnight, and when that electric kettle clicks off, I'll be having another delicious mug of Red Rose Tea.  I will still fall asleep without a problem.

Signing off until next Monday.
Red Rose loving Kate.

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