Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yard Sale Finds And A Review Of Capilano Warm Grey, A Black Tea From A Local Canadian Tea Company

Karen here, today I am sharing some of my recent tea themed fun finds from yard sales in my area over the last month as well as a tea review from The Capilano Tea House, a local tea company that started in my own neighborhood!

 I love a good treasure hunt and I have a few good partners, my sister in law Janeen and my son Oli, both love the hunt as much as I do and we help each other find the things we are interested in, Oli loves his vintage video games, my sister in law china and tea cups and me all things tea related. We are up early Saturday mornings for some fun finds and most weekend we do well and then there are weekends that are a total bust. The good weather has encouraged people to have yard sales that have netted some truly great finds recently. Though my own tea cabinet is currently over flowing with cups and saucers that I use regularly, my tea themed book shelves are now stuffed with what I liked to call research books. All about tea, tea parties and self care.  I love to find books that have so much relevant information about the history of tea and ones that are now out of print. The 4 shown in the first photo above cost me a total of $4 at three different sales and I have loved going through them this last week.
Above two of my recent fun finds, I do love books with great quotes and this lovely 1940's hand painted German teacup and saucer. I can not help but think of the stories it could tell.
This beauty filled with a lovely Warm Grey a  Lavender Earl Grey, from the Capilano Tea House, cost me $5 and is now one of my most favorite cups to use.

It is stunning empty and beautiful full.

I admit I own mostly English sets so I know almost nothing about German tea sets but I thought it was important to share the stamp on the bottom with you.  Some people collect tea cups and saucers for their worth, I choose tea cups I love and use them. I think that is the secret to really enjoying them. Each cup of tea is a journey and the set used an important vessel.
I look forward to spring and the start of yard sale season here. I am already looking forward to Saturday morning.

Last year I discovered Warm Grey from The Capilano Tea House, a local company that was started just a few streets away from where I currently live.  This company combines the most wonderful teas with locally grown ingredients.  Warm Grey is a black bergamot tea with lavender that I have enjoyed this entire week, I have now actually run out!

A West Coast, post-colonial twist on an absolute favorite, lavender warms this fine Assam and turns up the bergamot tones. Lean in and be free.
I look forward to sharing more fun tea themed finds as well as more tea reviews with you next week, until then....
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