Monday, May 30, 2016

My favorite mug...

This is my favorite mug.  I was drinking Red Rose Tea from it when I wrote my last entry.  Afterwords, I started thinking about the remarkable history of this mug.

It is 5 inches tall and holds 12 ounces.  I like the size for its capacity and depth.  Because it is not a wide mouth large mug, the tea stays hot longer.  The handle is long enough that all of my fingers fit through.  Sometimes when the weather is cold or I am cold, I love to wrap both hands around it and sip.

This mug is more than 40 years old.  I know I had it when I moved out of the home where I grew up, and my first move was at the age of 21.  It was purchased at a big box type store - I don't remember which one and was made in Japan.  Nothing is written on the bottom, but I remember the sticker.  That was when "Made in Japan" was as common as "Made in China" is now.  It has been through the dishwasher thousands of times.  Every few months I give it a bit of extra cleaning with boiling water and baking soda to really get out all the tea stains.  There are no chips, and the inside is as shiny as the outside.  I doubt it cost more than $2.99; although, I have no recollection of what I paid for it.

I remember seeing it and loving the design, the colors, and the feel in my hands. It is not totally smooth; the leaves are not quite as shiny, and the texture shows in the photo.  The brown spots almost appear to be pin pricks.  There were probably several on the shelf, but buying more than one would have been an extravagance.  

I marvel at how long I have had it.  Many mugs have come and gone over the years.  I have never glued a mug after it broke; there are so many in my collection that I periodically go through them and give some away.  I call it my bamboo mug or the Japanese mug.  I say  to myself sometimes when putting the water on to boil,  "Where's the bamboo mug?"  It has survived many years, many bumps, five moves, and thousands of uses.  It has survived longer than many friendships.  It has seen me through the death of many people I love.  It is more a part of me than I care to admit.

Over forty years of history...


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