Monday, June 27, 2016

Chatting About Tea...

This afternoon I had a dear friend and fellow knitter over for knitting time and tea - a Sunday afternoon practice we have enjoyed for several years.  Despite the extreme heat and humidity here in western New York State, we chose to have hot tea while savoring the joys of central air-conditioning.

I suggested Eastern Shore High Energy Tea, which she had never tried.  She liked it as much as I do, and we agreed to try it iced next time.  As we shared our knitting projects, discussed the latest issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine, and sipped tea, I asked her if she drank coffee.  "I always drink coffee in the morning because I love the smell of brewing coffee.  After breakfast I switch to tea for the rest of the day."  How many times have I heard people talk about the marvelous aroma of coffee in the air first thing in the morning?  And I have many friends who do not drink coffee but love to smell it brewing.

And then she shared how her love of tea developed.  Years ago she met a woman from England who had introduced her to tea.  The woman always brewed loose tea using her lovely tea pots and fine china.  We have been friends for years and shared many cups of tea on our Sunday afternoons, but I had never thought to ask this question.

Perhaps as we grow older, we think more about the simple pleasures of life.  We used to be a trio for tea and knitting on Sunday, but a few months ago our mutual friend died in a car accident.  No chance to say good bye.  I know that particular death has had a profound effect on both of us.  We discuss knitting, our lives, books we are reading, politics, but we remain positive.  Her friendship is one I treasure, and today she shared a loving friendship from her past.

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