Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Twinings of London's 90th Anniversary Blend

Karen here, as I write this post I am finishing the last of my second pot of Twinings 90th anniversary celebration loose leave black tea. This beautiful blend combines tea from three Commonwealth countries, Assam, India, Kenyan and Sri Lankan tea blend together for the most delightful velvety afternoon tea.
This is a rich, bold and yet delicate tasting tea that would pair so beautifully with savory tea time delights as much as it would sweet.
My sister in law found this royal purple collectible tea tin at her local grocery store, though I have not seen it at my own I know that I will try to locate it and stock up on this 100 gram blend.
You can find it on the Twinings of London Website by clicking here.
and on Amazon by clicking here.
I love following the Royal family and I have since I was a young girl, my maternal grandfather was from England and he taught me all about the Royal family. I recently framed a photo of the queen I love it is her laughing, as she passes a guard who happens to be her husband Prince Phillip, it is my most favorite photo of the two of them, I wish them both a happy 90th and 95th birthday !

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a tea review today I would love to have you join me for tea daily at

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  1. I had bought this when Twinings was promoting it around Mother's Day. thought it was wonderful, it even made a great ice tea.