Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Setting The Tone Of The Day With The Choices In Your Cup And On Your Table

The first cup of tea in the morning sets the tone for my entire day, sometimes I choose the wrong tea or run out of my morning favorites and I find that my day just gets off to the wrong start when this happens. I was reminded of this last Monday the 23rd of May when I ran out of my two favorite morning blends. Both local tea companies but a 20-40 minute drive away through rush hour traffic seemed less appealing at the time and I procrastinated too much, I ran out of both with in a day of each other.

Sometimes it is not only the tea that sets the tone for the day sometimes it is the vessel.
The cup and saucer I choose, I actually go out of my way to select one of my teacups that will I hope enhance the flavor of the tea I have selected. I try to match my cup to what I am reading, how I am feeling, what I am needing that morning. I have a cup I use when I need strength, cups I use when I am thinking of certain people, cups I feel fit the right mood, season and capture the moment I wish to convey.
I have a few tea cup and saucer sets shown above that I use quite a bit, I actually have full sets and place settings of Royal Albert Old Country Roses which I have collected since I was about 13, as well in the last 3 years I have added Royal Albert's Petit Point to my treasured collection which has already out grown my china cabinet. It is a joy to use each and every one of these cups and saucers.
Over the years I have been gifted some beautiful sets which have largely never been used before being added to my collection. This one is a lovely Royal Standard set that photographs as lovely as it appears in person.
In all my treasure hunting and of all my finds, the set I fell in love with many years ago still delights me to no end when I gaze upon it, when I need strength, comfort and a reminder of life's beauty this is the set that makes my heart sing. It is important to use what you love, don't let it sit on the shelf for a special occasion that may never come, use and enjoy what you have for what it is and what it was meant for!

I have to share this particular set I was given over a year ago now from a friend who's mother had passed away and who found this treasure in her cupboard. This Royal Albert (I do love my Royal Albert sets) is a lavender color and a shape completely different from any others I had. It is delicate and beautiful, simple and charming, a favorite for sure.
You may be wondering what is in each tea cup shown here today,  the two favorite teas I should never be with out are the blend by Neverland Tea Salon called Heavenly Tea and Warm Grey an Earl Grey by The Capilano Tea company, both featured prominently in the cups above and below.

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  1. Karen, I love all the tea quotes and all of your pretty cups and saucers! I agree with you; use all those pretty things you have. I do use mine. I love how special the sets make me feel.