Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trader Joe's Earl Grey, A Wonderful Tea, A Great Price and Worth The Journey!

Karen here, recently I ran out of my Trader Joe's Earl Grey Tea. I had second and third thoughts about using my very last tea bag, knowing that I live three hours from Trader Joe's, require a passport, a tank of gas, a different kind of money (that is worth currently worth more then the currency in my own country of Canada) but sometimes you just need that really amazing cup of tea.
I posted my woes on Instagram and Facebook (as one does) and was amazed at how many questions, comments and offers to get the tea to me I had. I have some truly wonderful friends.

The first question I got and I got it a few times was. "Earl Grey is Earl Grey, is the Trader Joe's one that much better?"  my answer is this Yes, it is that good. It is a bagged tea that has a consistent, rich, full bodied and beautifully balanced flavor.  Next question I got is "I thought you only drank loose leaf tea, why do you bother with bagged tea?" Truthfully, yes I do drink mostly loose leaf tea, however the convenience in this individually wrapped tea bag makes it my go to for travel (I even keep it in my purse) and I often make a large mug, travel or otherwise to enjoy on the go. It also looks great in my tea cup, if you don't believe me check out the photo above as I patiently awaited it to steep.
I also got asked how I found out about this tea in the first place, Years ago I got my first two bags sent to me in a mail tea swap I did, from there I picked some up on my trips down to Washington State and last year I brought back a box or two from Colorado where we went on a family vacation.  Another question I got asked was if I could get it on  As I live in Canada not everything that you can get in the USA ships to Canada, at the time of this post it is not available to ship.  I had so many wonderful friends offer to shop for and ship this tea to me here in Canada. Can you believe that shipping this light weight tea would cost about $10 US and the tea is less then $3 a box when I last purchased it. Shipping costs really do make it difficult to justify for sure! I did not want to ask my friends to incur such a cost. However.....
I was so very thankful when my Mother In Law (I am truly blessed with the most amazing mother in law in the world) offered to get me some as she wanted to head south for a day of shopping and she drove a little further then she had planned but returned with two boxes of tea for me! I am so very thankful to her for this wonderful gift!  This tea also pairs beautifully with Snicker Doodles by the way!
As a tea enthusiast and not a tea snob I can recommend this lovely Earl Grey, check out Trader Joe's in your area and see for yourself how lovely this inexpensive tea really can be.
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  1. What a great story! I love a good Earl Grey and will have to check out Trader Joe's. And yes to the Snickerdoodles, you are very correct for that treat!