Monday, June 13, 2016

Revisiting a previously reviewed tea...

So yours truly, the Red Rose addict, looked in her tea canister the other day and realized she had fewer than thirty tea bags left.  Usually there is at least one more box of the highly favored plain old tea in the pantry.  OH MY GOODNESS!  NO RED ROSE!  As pay day is June 17, the panic of how many tea bags did that leave per day began to set in.  Rather than become any more agitated, the Red Rose addict decided a slow withdrawal may be better - try another tea this time.

She knew that caffeine was needed and quickly glanced at labels...peppermint,no...herbal, no...caffeine, YES.  The tea was:

In her need for caffeine state of mind, she had no memory of whether or not she liked this tea; although remembered reviewing it along with other chocolate teas.  Water boiled, tea steeped five minutes, skim milk splashed in automatically as done with the highly favored Red Rose, and carried into the living room to be enjoyed with a good book.  "Wow!" She said to herself. "This is good.  What kind was this again?  There is a chocolate taste.  The other spices are lovely.  And the aroma is to die for."  Yes, she decided this could do in a pinch.  She would not want to drink this with a meal, but when only drinking a cup of tea, this one is quite nice.

Imagine my surprise when I looked back today at my chocolate tea reviews and discovered this was my favorite.  I can honestly say I had not indulged (pun intended) in this tea since the review was written.  I had no idea what I would think of that cup of desperation.  I was quite pleased to agree with my earlier review: this tea wonderful.

And having consumed 12 ounces of it, made in my favorite mug (see May 30) while writing this entry, I am going to hit save/publish and put the kettle on for another mug of Numi Organic Indulgent Tea - Chocolate Spice.

PS - I have enough Red Rose left to enjoy at least five mugs per day until payday.  Now where is that $1.00 off coupon when purchasing two boxes...

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