Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wedding Shower (or Baby Shower) Umbrella Themed Silicone Tea Strainers

Karen here, it is wedding season and with that comes my favorite pre wedding activity the wedding shower. Today I am sharing these fun tea favors that would make excellent take home gifts for your guests at your wedding tea shower. I recently purchased a dozen of these little silicone umbrellas from Ebay and they are so easy to use and whimsical, they are just plain fun!
These are really easy to use and I love that the little hook handles actually hook on the side of your mug, tea pot or tea cup.
The round disk comes out of the umbrella for you to place your tea leaves and they are super easy to empty and clean. I think little umbrellas which were under $1.50 each, paired with a loose leaf blend of your choosing would make an excellent take home gift!  To find these for yourself on Ebay click here. 
Looking to get into the Wedding season spirit? Check out Alice Loweecey's book Changing Habits, you will be so glad you did! A lovely cozy mystery short story you can find from Amazon by clicking here.
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