Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Review of Primula Tea's Green Tea with Fresh Jasmine Blooming Tea

Karen here and today I am sharing a review of's blooming green tea with fresh Jasmine. I bought myself a clear teapot a few Christmas' ago and love to bring it out for blooming tea when I have tea party guests.

There is something very pretty about a blooming tea and it always gets ooh's and ah's from my guests. It felt very indulgent to make this tea just for myself.

You maybe wondering how blooming tea is made, I know I was!
Google explains blooming tea as " a handmade tea by skilled artisans, usually in the Yunnan or Fujian provinces of China. The edible sweet-tasting flowers, which could also be fuchsias, roses, lilies and many others varieties, are sewn together into a ball"  This particular blooming tea had a lovely fresh and crisp taste that I found both refreshing and quite relaxing. 

To learn more about primula tea's line of blooming teas please click here for their website.
I also found the above youtube video that shows how the blooming teas are assembled I loved watching it as much as I loved watching my tea bloom!
I would love to have you join me for a cup of tea daily at 

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