Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Summer Sweet Treat Mate Tea From Davids Tea, Chocolate Covered Banana

Karen here and I recently treated myself to a new tea from Davids Tea, a chain of tea shops near where I live. This one is a Mate Tea called Chocolate Covered Banana and it really tastes as good as it sounds and smells. I often buy tea and then get it home brew it and it doesn't taste like it smells but this one does!

This tea I was warned is classified as a "stimulant" by the tea company for its caffeine content and was recommended to drink in the morning. There is no way I could drink and enjoy this tea first thing in the morning. It is flavored like a dessert tea and one I would have in the early to late afternoon. The flavors are so intense that it actually will satisfy your sweet tooth. This tea reminded me of the perfect banana split and was exactly as I hoped it would be.
Offered on line at Davids Tea is currently priced at $7.98 per 100 grms. Click here for the link to Davids Tea. 
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