Monday, July 4, 2016

Rhubarb Ginger Tea

This naturally caffeine free tea is made from 50% rhubarb and 50% ginger; it couldn't be any simpler, could it?  Teapigs is a British company and this particular tea is mixed and packaged in Germany.  As a rhubarb fanatic, I thought it would be fun to try this one.  I was not disappointed.

I appreciate the biodegadble tea temples (or bags) that can go in the composter.  There is no foil or plastic wrapping.  The aroma of ginger naturally over powers the rhubarb, but the taste is a lovely mix of tart rhubarb and ginger.  I added about half a teaspoon of raw organic agave as sweetner.  It is lovely.

My rhubarb is still in season, and this tea would make a nice accompaniment to any rhubarb dessert.

The close up of the dry tea is not as vibrant as it is to the naked eye.  There are bits of rosy rhubarb clearly visible.

I've enjoyed this tea several times now.  In exploring the website, I discovered a sale good through July 4, 2016  I selected several varieties to try, received free shipping, and a $25 bonus.  You may want to check it out!  Until next time...

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