Monday, July 18, 2016

Tea and Books?

 "Some say life is the thing, but I prefer reading." I am quoting the package but wish I could take credit for that line.
I have jokingly referred to myself as a bag lady due to the multiple bags teachers are frequently found dragging back and forth to school, and low and behold as I read the back of this cute little package, I discovered they are produced by Bag Ladies Tea.

This tea is all about the marketing.  It is a lovely English Breakfast tea, but there are no other flavors; however, in addition to the Novel Teas with quotations from various sources, Bag Ladies have a Bird Watchers tea with "birding quotes," and a Whimsical line with tins wishing Happy Birthday, Get Well Sooner, and celebrating special women (sisters, moms, best friends).
They have two sizes: tins of 25 bags and the small packets of 5 bags.  I received mine as a gift, and if I find these in a retail outlet, they would make nice gifts - especially the packets like I received.

Good basic tea with packaging to make you smile.  Enjoy!

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