Thursday, July 14, 2016

Infusing Tea, Color, and Mood into Food

I read an interesting article in the Tea Journey magazine entitled "Palette for Your Palate" by Si Chen. In an interesting concept devised by Tealeaves, a luxury tea blending company, and the Pantone Color Institute, chefs and mixologists were tasked with creating tea cocktails, tea entrees, and tea desserts, inspired by a selection of Tealeaves teas and certain Pantone colors. "Creations expressed a mood such as bold, peaceful or enchanted" says Chen.

What an idea; not only to bring tea into the world of fine dining, but matching specific teas with specific colors and specific moods to achieve an artistic, and hopefully delectable, creation! The photographs are glorious, but I'm afraid to share because of copyrights!

You can check out the exhibit here

I'd love to try The Bold and the Blue-Teaful, The Purple Haze, and The Dreamland. What about you?

Would you ever challenge yourself to create a dish inspired by a tea, color and mood? Of course, you'd have to actually use the tea in the cooking of the dish, or the mixing of the cocktail. I'd love to have you create something and report back!

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