Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Visit To The Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory With Karen

Karen here and yes I really was that happy to wear a hair net!
Last summer I traveled to Boulder Colorado with my family for a wedding and while we were in town my sister in law and my mother in law took me to the Celestial Seasonings Tour. It was truly one of the highlights of my trip!
The tour of Celestial Seasonings was free and it was fantastic. I truly learned a lot. The tour was not very long but it was very informative. The staff were very knowledgeable and it was amazing to be up close to the belts of boxed tea whizzing by us destined for shops all over the world. One of the things I found very fascinating is that Canadian's like me are the second largest purchasers of Celestial Seasoning tea and tisanes. I was impressed to learn that there is different packaging for Canada then the USA and that they are done in separate batches. I got to tour the Mint room, which was the perfect place to find yourself as a mint tea lover,. The sensory overload that is the Mint Room it is something you can only experience first hand and not accurately describe to anyone.  The tea testing room was also something I will never forget, you could sample any of the teas hot or cold that Celestial Seasonings makes while you are there. I sampled a dozen teas and I left with 20 boxes of teas I would never have bought in store had I not tasted them first hand.

When I was in store I was in full sensory overload. I had wished we towed a trailer behind us all the way from Canada as we were driving across the country, so that I could have bought more. The photo above is just some of the teas I picked up on my trip but the prize is my Sleepy Time Tea Bear Tea Pot. Truly the largest stone in the crown of my collection. I also picked up a matching tea pot and tea cup which are now my traveling set as I had not brought a proper tea pot on my trip and I missed it so much so when ever I travel I bring my own electric tea kettle, Teapot and Cup and Saucer. I have a plastic tea pot and strainer combo but I swear it doesn't taste the same so I travel now with this set. My Bear however stays at home on a shelf being admired and waiting for the perfect evening tea party to make his debut! Would you believe he only cost about $30 US! I could  not either so he came home to Canada with me.
If you ever find yourself in Boulder Colorado make the time to take this tour and leave yourself plenty of time for the tasting and the gift shop. The photo above is only one of my 4 baskets I carried around the store. That tea shown above is one of my most favorites and I can not wait to tell you all about it in an up coming post and tea review.
To learn more about the Celestial Seasonings Tour and Store please visit them on line by clicking here.
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