Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Salton Iced Tea Machine

The Salton Iced Tea Machine

Growing up we always had iced tea in the house. It was a go to beverage, especially in the summer. My mom would put some teabags in a large CorningWare carafe, pour boiling water in, then let cool. She still makes her iced tea this way, and still uses the same carafe. 

Many years later I decided I wanted to make iced tea, but I wanted more instant gratification-none of that waiting for boiling water to get ice cold. I discovered a wonderful machine: The Salton Iced Tea and Coffee Maker. This beauty could make iced tea (or coffee) in minutes. You simply fill the reservoir with water, put your tea in the top, put the pitcher filled with ice underneath, and press a button. The machine steeped the tea and poured the hot liquid into the ice instantly making a cold beverage. You could even drink before the machine finished by removing the pitcher and filling a glass. The steeping would continue once the pitcher was back in place. Talk about instant gratification!

I loved my machine so much I bought one for my mom, but she never used it. Mom said her way was easier, plus she didn't have enough room on her counter, and the machine needed a lot of ice to run. (She doesn't need ice for her method.) Time went on when the unthinkable happened-my little machine died! I pressed the button and nothing happened. I looked to buy another one only to discover to my horror that the machine was no longer made! The US manufacturers advised me to check with Canada-but Canada told me the same thing. My little machine was no longer being produced. I saw other iced tea machines in the stores, but they looked like cheaply made plastic playthings. So I did what I had to do...asked my mom to give me back the Salton I gave her. Happily she did as she never used it anyway.

So I still use my wonderful little machine. I can use bagged tea, or loose. For loose leaf teas I simply put the tea in a muslin bag, or plain unfilled tea bags which you can buy. The only downside is needing a good deal of ice (and not having an ice machine). I'm just terrified of the day when my Salton no longer works.


I was going to take a picture of my Salton, but the photos didn't come out well. I was able to find the above picture online at a website that actually sells (Well, there are 2 in stock.) It's even on sale...for $247.68. Sigh, obviously no longer being produced.

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