Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tea Whimsey Jar Swap I Made

Karen here, a few years ago I was an "active swapper" on a site called I loved it. I have participated in 428 swaps over the years but my favorite one that I did was a Whimsey Jar swap. I have done more then one tea themed whimsy jars swaps but this was one of my most favorites. You can have any theme you want with these swaps but this was a "Tea For One Themed Swap."

To make the jar, I saved a plastic mayonnaise jar and washed it really well. The first swap I did I used glass and it was so much more expensive to mail. I also worried the entire time that it would break in transit.
I decorated the outside of the jar with a tea quote and tea themed embellishments to the lid and label.  For the inside I used ribbon to dress up two tea light candles. I included several loose leaf tea selections, measured out in to tiny zip lock bags, as well as individually wrapped tea bags. I included hand made tea themed napkins. I quickly zipped up on my sewing machine and included a vintage Canada teaspoon as well as a recipe written on a pretty recipe card.
I loved putting this swap together and wish the cost of shipping was lower so that I could participate in so many more.  These Whimsey Jar Swaps are such a delight to receive. I think they make lovely gifts and there are so many things you can fit in a jar. Pick a theme and fill! Such fun. My only regret is that my partner who was assigned to send to me never followed through so I did not get one back to share, thus is the nature of some swaps but I still have fond memories of making it and know that the person I sent to loved it.
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