Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tea Time Magazine, On My Table And Close To My Heart

A few years back I finally got a subscription to Tea Time Magazine. Before that I would drive to my bank exchange my Canadian Money for American Money, get in the car and take a minimum 90 minute drive to try to find it in store. I would often have to try more then three stores before I could hold it in my hands and take in the beautiful and inspiring photos. I savor each article and then re read time and time again.

The cost of the magazine is very reasonable if you live in the USA but to have it shipped internationally it gets to be quite expensive.  Currently there is a great deal on for $19.98 for your first subscription and you can do a gift subscription for $10. **Add $10 for Canada and $20 for any other country. Still it is worth the splurge and makes a fantastic gift!
What I love about the articles are the information I learn about not only tea but wonderful tea rooms, accessories, teacups, pots, kettles.  I learned of a tea shop in Southern California which I loved called
Paris in A Cup. I was so thrilled when we were on a family trip and I got to go there. The staff and owner were wonderful and the tea room was stunning.
I would have loved to spend most of the vacation in this tea room but the magic kingdom called!
They had the most decadent macarons you ever did taste! They also carried a lovely house tea called Paris Garden Tea that I fell in love with. I would have never known this small but elegant tea room was just minutes from Disneyland had it not been for this wonderful magazine.

I recently read an article about a woman who loved tea and her husband who secretly built her a beautiful tea room just for her and her husband to enjoy on their farm in an old barn, he worked for years in secret and she never knew. Everyone in town helped him source the items needed to make a beautiful retreat that looked like an English tea room. I cried and still tear up at the thought of that very article.
If you get a chance to find this magazine in store, pick it up, take it home and fall in love!
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a look at Tea Time Magazine. I would love for you to pop over for tea daily on my own website at 

To order your own subscription to Tea Time Magazine please click here.

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