Saturday, March 12, 2016

Some of My Most Favorite Tea Mugs

As a tea drinker I find that for my first cups of tea in the morning fine bone china teacups with saucers are the only way to go. Truly I feel tea taste better in fine bone china. I swear by it. I even travel with my own tea cups and saucers now because it truly tastes better this way.

However that being said as the day goes on I do switch to a mug. I have a few favorite mugs, the one above my thoughtful sister in law Janeen gave me and it says "All you need is tea & warm socks" It is one of my favorites, it is large and a good weight, things I look for in a good tea mug.
I also love this tea mug my cousin in law sent, I am very proud of the fact that I am a hockey mom, something I did not think was going to happen and now can not imagine what my life would be like if I wasn't one.
We had a tea fundraiser and sold a lot of tea this year and last to help pay for the hockey tournament with Steeped tea! (Canucks Autism Network) 
My friend Michelle sent me this mug last year and I treasure it! Such a wonderful thing to have a friend who supports your writing and tea habit! She is also a fellow Hockey Mom and another reason why I am so thrilled to have found our hockey program, amazing friendships have been an added bonus.

I have a royal mug collection that my Brother in law and my Sister have added too over the years and this one for the celebration of the queen's diamond jubilee came with a special tea blend my brother in law picked up in London for me as well!
This summer they brought me Princess Charlotte's mug along with a few boxes of walkers shortbread! Lucky me!
I do keep the royal mugs set aside for special occasions but they are still some of my most favorite tea mugs.
There is so much comfort in every cup or mug of tea and I always like finding out what people prefer, so often when I have people over they say oh I will just take a mug, don't trouble yourself with the cup and saucer. Either way, I am thrilled they have joined me for tea. 
So which do you prefer and why? 
I would love to know so please leave us a comment here  below. 
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  1. I think I'm going to do a taste test and try out the bone china teacups versus mugs! I use both, but mugs more often, as they are dishwasher safe! Most of my teacups are older, so I don't put them in the dishwasher. Your diamond jubilee goodies are wonderful!

  2. today I used a mug from my everyday dishes. But usually in the morning I use one of my bone china teacups.