Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Davids Tea Irish Breakfast Tea Review

Karen here and today I am sharing with you my Irish Breakfast Tea Review. Today's Irish Breakfast Tea is one I purchased from Davids Tea. 
Strong tea has long been the preferred  in Ireland and is usually served with milk and sugar. I however prefer what the Irish would likely call "Dishwater Tea" I like my Irish Breakfast tea, black and on the weaker side. Depending on the blend I use I may under steep the tea slightly or use less of the leaves in my pot. I do love the dark caramel color as well as the malty & spicy flavor of Irish Breakfast tea, but I don't like to "stand my spoons up in it". 
The Davids Irish Breakfast Tea is a lovely blend, not as malty as I have enjoyed in other teas but this one does have a hint of honey flavor and a lovely spicy taste that lends its self very well to my raisin scones. 

Davids tea is a loose leaf tea chain here in Canada that is found in almost every mall.  Where I live and easy for me to pop in and try so many of their wonderful blends. You can also find them on line in the USA by clicking here.
Wishing you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day tea on what would have been my parents 42 wedding anniversary. 

Thank you for joining me for this tea review today and if you would like my scone recipe, please click here to visit my blog click the Recipes by Karen Mom of Three tab to see this recipe and many others. 

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