Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tea Snob or Connoisseur? Bagged Tea Vs. Loose

Karen here and today I want to share with you a bit of the bagged tea vs. loose tea debate.

Are you a Tea Snob or Connoisseur?
Do you prefer bagged tea to loose leaf?
Or the other way around?
Notice a difference?
Is there a difference?
All tea and tisane (A herbal infusion not containing the leaf of the Camellia Sinesis plant) can be enjoyed for what they are and how they are prepared.

Some teas and brands are truly better then others but it all comes down to personal preference.
There is a long and heated debate in the tea community that loose leaf tea is far superior to that of bagged teas that you find in your local grocery stores. While this can be said of some teas I feel it can not be said for all.
There are ways of preparing both teas properly so that you ensure the best taste and all that each cup or pot has to offer. In the above photo you can see some of the teas I use on a regular basis.

If you are ever unsure this is a great guideline to follow. 

 I live in Canada and I am a fan of a home based tea business called Steeped Tea. I don't sell tea but I do drink a lot of it.  I also have a selection of Stash Tea in my cabinet along with some Mighty Leaf and some store brands that I am very loyal to.
Black tea is my favorite. I use a loose leave black tea most regularly.
My current favorite is Heavenly Creme black scented tea. I get mine from a Tea Salon in Vancouver BC called Neverland Tea. If you find yourself out my way this is a tea salon I highly recommend. It is about 30 mins from my home and worth the trip over the bridge to pick up 600 grms of tea at a time. I go through about 200 grams of this loose leaf tea a month. I have on average 4 tsp of this loose leaf tea per day.
Another daily tea I enjoy is the house brand Mint Refresher Tisane from my local grocery store. At just under $3 a box this is one of my all time favorite tisanes. I usually put this in my travel tea mug on my way out the door in the morning. Peppermint Tisane is wonderful for digestion as well as headaches. I personally find it to be a very refreshing herbal tea hot or cold.

 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".  I do believe that Leonardo Da Vinci was correct when he said  this.  I believe that no matter where you stand on the debate of Tea Snob Vs Connoisseur, it is better to consider yourself a Tea Enthusiast rather then a Tea Snob or Connoisseur. Enjoy each and every journey contained in every properly prepared cup of tea. 
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  1. I am addicted to Harney & Sons tea, and they package it loose, sachets, and bags.

    1. Any particular flavor? I picked up one in California and I was not able to find it here in Canada, I would love to try more!

    2. I think they have HS tea at target.

    3. I am in Canada so no Target here! I will have to keep my eyes open! Thank you!

  2. Both. I am fully stocked in bagged tea, loose tea, and tea filters. At home AND at work. :)

  3. Hot, cold,loose, bagged, even gas station brewed, tea is my mainstay go to salvation!

  4. I like black, green, white, loose and bagged. I have an old, bent metal tea ball I inherited from my mother that I use for loose leaf tea. I buy loose leaf when I travel and bring it home like an edible souvenir. I found a lovely lavender blended loose leaf in Sydney, B.C., this past summer that I brought home. A cup of hot tea and summer memories on a cold winter day. Tea is a wonderful thing.

    1. I am not far from Sydney, B.C. Loulou, let me know which brand! I want to try now!