Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Tea Creating Your Own Tea Themed Party Favors

If you are hosting an Easter Tea for more then just yourself there are some wonderful tea themed party favors you can easily put together yourself. 

You can source the plastic Easter Eggs at your dollar stores and fill them with a bag of loose leaf tea. Place them in an inexpensive egg cup and do them up with cellophane and an pretty pastel or Easter ribbon.

One of my favorite Easter Traditions is the Egg and Spoon Race, You could place a foil wrapped egg on a chocolate spoon for each of your guests as well as a take home gift.

You can make a small paper basket and place a few bagged teas inside with some chocolate foil eggs add Easter Grass wrap them and use them as place cards for each of your guests.
I used fun printed muffin papers as the baskets for both of my bagged and loose leave tea blends.
Last year David's Tea here in Canada had these lovely Egg Tea Tins and I picked up a set for my own personal tea party.
I think they are darling. Each egg is was filled with a selection of David's tea perfect for a tea lover like me to find hidden Easter morning.

I love to set an Easter table. I have been collecting items over the last few years that I hoped would compliment each season and occasion's tea party with out going over board or with out them being considered tacky.
I have had my paper mache Easter bunny now about 5 years, his body is covered in the History of Easter including everything from the bible to the story of Peter Cotton Tale. I truly do treasure him and he is always the center piece of my tea table.

 Something I do even if I don't have time to throw a larger Easter tea party is make sure that I set a side time to have an Easter Tea party for one, setting the table for just myself may seem over the top to some but it really is a nice feeling, to do something so elegant for yourself, make it more indulgent with the little foil chocolate eggs too!
Thank you for stopping by for tea today and I look forward to sharing more  about tea with you again next Wednesday.
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  1. Your ideas for these party themes and favors are simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it here as selecting favors for Easter party can really be difficult. This year we had an Easter party at venues in Los Angeles. All thanks to their staff as they helped me a lot with planning.