Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review - Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Pear White Tea

Oftentimes I'll stop at Trader Joe's after visiting my folks. Recently, I saw a tea that intrigued me: Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Pear White Tea. I love ginger and thought pairing it with pear was a neat idea.

This tea is bagged, so I can't tell you what the leaves looked like. Sorry, not going to split the back open and look. In any case, before steeping the bag had a delightful pear aroma.

Iced: When I first saw the tea I immediately thought "Iced!" and that's how I first prepared it.  As an iced tea it was light and refreshing. The taste of pear was forefront and I really couldn't detect the ginger. There was a possible slight bite from the ginger in the aftertaste. Pear was prominent. I can see guzzling this tea down on a hot day after working in the garden.

Hot: I then made it as a regular hot tea. The aroma was quite muddled. It was somewhat spicy. The taste was more of a "tea" taste, then a bit of pear hits. Again, I couldn't really detect the ginger.

I much prefer Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Pear White Tea as an iced tea.

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