Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Welcome to Steeped in Tradition: Exploring the World of Tea!

"It's fresh and green with floral notes, reminiscent of a spring meadow." "This other one is hot and spicy, with a sharp bite. I get a hint of lime, perhaps grapefruit...citrous at any rate. Green pepper you say? Hmmm, I get more green peppercorn than green pepper."

What am I describing? Tea! Two different kinds of tea, to be precise.

Tea is a fascinating subject. Loved for thousands of years there is history, drama, tradition, and good tastes to be found in its study. Recently I've begun to delve more deeply into the subject and how could I not want to share? My vision was to create a blog exploring all aspects of the world of tea. I would share history, and facts, and traditions. There would be reviews of teas, tea accouterments, and other items made from tea, as well as places to find tea! I'd also write about books featuring tea. Knowing I couldn't undertake such a project on my own I approached several friends and fellow bloggers with my idea of a tea blog. Happily, they warmly embraced my vision and this blog was created! Welcome to Steeped in Tradition: Exploring the World of Tea!

Although I've been drinking tea from childhood, it's only recently that I've begun a more in depth study. My interest was sparked after I attended a tea tasting at a local nursery. It was there that I met Niraj Lama, owner of Happy Earth Tea. I loved the teas and the stories. This encounter led me to a class on the Japanese Tea Ceremony at a local Buddhist Temple, which led me back to Happy Earth Tea studio. My thirst for tea increased my thirst for knowledge.

Fine tea, like fine wine, is very nuanced and indeed, like wine uses the same types of descriptors. My previous study of wines certainly assists me as I learn more about teas and educate my palate. I drink my tea in a more Asian style-no cream, milk, or sugar for me. I drink lots of iced tea, some hot, and I practice gong fu cha. My favorite tea is probably a lapsang souchong (I love smokey teas) but I like all kinds. I'm not too fond of very floral teas, however. My mother still doesn't understand my interest in fine tea and all its nuances. "Just put a tea bag in a mug and pour some boiling water over it!" Well, that is one way to enjoy tea.

Thank you for joining me on my new adventure into the world of tea. Whether you're a tea novice or a dedicated enthusiast, or even if you're just someone looking for a good read, you're sure to find something for you here at Steeped in Tradition!


  1. I love tea too! I don't have a refined palate, but my favorite (right now) is Prince of Wales. I steer away from the floral teas too, and some, like those with star anise, are just too much for my taste buds to handle. Looking forward to reading more about teas, Kathy. This introduction to your blog was the "tease" I needed to "perk" my interest.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope we provide you with plenty of informative fun!

  2. Oh man a blog about tea! <3 LOVE.